CURTAIN UP ADS 100th Production - May 20th/21st

Cheryl has devised and is producing Curtain Up's next production, A Jubilee Extravaganza. A mixture of songs and comedy to celebratre the last seventy years. Most of the sketches have been written by Cheryl.



2020/2021 - the shows must go on...

Despite various restrictions and lockdowns during the past year it has been an eventful year for me as an actor and writer. Thank goodness I have a range of costumes and props at home. Live theatre has given way to zoom and online streaming, which brought its own challlenges, but has been a boost for those of us who have missed treading the boards.


I have performed my own monologues for Kitchen Sink Drama whilst stood at my kitchen sink and am playing one of the many Mrs Birlings in a 'we make' of An Inspector Calls, organised by Simon Wallace.



I have performed a variety of comedy monologues and singing in online shows featuring actors, singers and dancers on the island. I performed some of my comedy monologues in the countdown to Christmas fb concert. Musical theatre through the ages was fab. I performed something with a Noel Coward theme and thoroughly enjoyed joining in the finale from Les Mis, 'One Day More'. Great fun and so many of us were able to enjoy doing what we love and miss - being on stage.


ZOOM PLAY READINGS - Ask the Author 

March 6th 2021 - Thanks to Guard Bridge Theatre GBTtheatre in Manchester for inviting me to their Zoom playreading. They read one of my one act plays, 'And The Bride Wore' and there was an 'ask the author' question time afterwards. I wrote that play for the younger members of Cheshunt Dramatic Society many years ago to keep them involved in the society inbetween pantos. How lovely to see so many youngsters involved in this Zoom reading. I enjoyed seeing my characters come to life.



PANTO - December 2020

Written by Beryl Hales, 'Cinderladdinwhittingstalk' the panto was performed by TG members. Cheryl played the baddie, BOO HISS. Another rummage through her collection of costumes and a quick Amazon order for some stick on moustaches transformed her into Aladdin's evil uncle Jaffar mwah ha ha.


BLUE MURDER AT BLUEFRIARS - Thursday 13th May 2021

Cheryl wrote a murder mystery play for the Townswomen's Guild Players to perform on Zoom, playing the hapless Detective Inspector Mayday. There are ten ladies from various TGs across the UK who, with a love of theatre, who came together to perform via Zoom. This whodunnit is set in the 1920s. The cast sourced their own costumes - all of which looked fab. 



A speaker with Townswomen's Guilds, Cheryl recently gave a talk about her writing and performed some of her comedy monologues for Knowle TG group. 

TIGger - Talk about theatre and comedy monologue performances - September 7th



Cheryl played The Manageress in 'Lunch Hour', one of a trilogy of John Mortimer one act plays staged at the Apollo Theatre from 30th July - 7th August..

Cheryl played Dorcas in  Ladies In Lavender. Sept 17-25



As well as singing on a concert online organised by MD Luke Mulhern and contributed something for his schools project.



A great year for writing - Cheryl's tally of scripts published with Lazy Bee Scripts now stands at over one hundred. Cheryl has a number of scripts awaiting publication with Stage Scripts Ltd. She continues to write and is currently working on her short stories at present, along with a series of comedy murder mystery plays featuring Inspector Mayday.


Cheryl contributed a few articles to Sardines Magazine's annual Panto edition. 






Spoken Word: The Freshwater Coffee House


MARCH 2020

Directing: Cheryl directed her latest murder mystery play, 'Blue Murder at the Blue Parrot', for Curtain Up.


MARCH 2020

Writing workshop: Cheryl facilitated four workshops at Freshwater Library for writers wishing to develop or hone their script writing skills.



Writing workshop: Cheryl facilitated an online Pantomime Writing workshop for Cornwall Theatre Association Theatre Day for writers wishing to develop or hone their script writing skills.





Acting: Cheryl has taken part in Kitchen Sink Drama, an initiative to allow actors to perform monologues.

Acting/Singing: Cheryl has performed monologues and songs for CAODS online concerts.

Acting/Singing: Cheryl has performed monologues and songs for Isle of Wight Theatre online concerts.


Talks: Cheryl has given online talks about her writing and theatre experiences to Townswomen Guild groups




Poetry: Cheryl performed some of her poetry at Freshwater Coffee House spoken word event

MARCH 2019

Talk: Cheryl gave a talk to the Really Useful Cafe and performed some of her comedy monologues and poetry.

APRIL 2019

Acting/Singing: Cheryl played Bing Crosby's mother in a Curtain Up production.

Spoken Word: The Freshwater Coffee House

JUNE 2019

Spoken Word: The Freshwater Coffee House

JUNE 2019

Acting: Miss Pink in 'After September' at Trinity Theatre, Cowes

JULY 14th 2019

Spoken Word: RHYTHMTREE FESTIVAL ISLE OF WIGHT with West Wight Writers

JULY 18th, 19th, 20th 2019

Directing: Cheryl directed three of her one act plays, 'Wild At Art', 'Word Up' and 'Just Breathe In, Dear' for Curtain Up.

Acting: Cheryl played the fairy in 'Just Breathe In, Dear' for Curtain Up.


Spoken Word: The Freshwater Coffee House


Spoken Word: The Freshwater Coffee House


Music: Playing ukulele at various venues with Freshwater Ukulele Group.

APRIL 2018

Talk: Cheryl gave a talk to Freshwater Tennyson Townswomen's Guild about her writing and theatre experiences and performed some of her comedy monologues and poetry.

Acting/Singing: Cheryl performed some of her comedy sketches in Curtain Up's production, 'The Broadway Revue 2'

MAY 2018

Writing workshop: Cheryl was invited to attend the Local Authors Day event at Lord Louis Library, Newport, Isle of Wight. She facilitated a one hour workshop entitled 'From page to stage' for writers wishing to develop or hone their script writing skills.

JUNE 2018

Directing: Cheryl directed 3 of her one act plays at Trinity Theatre, Cowes. 'For My Final Act', 'Look After The Cat, Darling' and 'Look For The Silver Lining' from Thurs 7th - Sat 9th June

JULY 2018

Jungle Book workshop: Cheryl facilitated a 2 hour Jungle Book themed workshop for Trinity Theatre Youth Stars, many of whom will be performed in her Jungle Book pantomime .

OCT 2018

Acting: Cheryl played Madame Arcati in Noel Coward's play 'Blithe Spirit' at Trinity Theatre, Cowes, Isle of Wight.

NOV/DEC 2018

Directing: Cheryl directed her popular panto - JUNGLE BOOK THE PANTOMIME at Trinity Theatre, Cowes.