Co-written Pantomimes

Co-written with Bob Heather

Ali Baba [Version 2]

At her bakery in Cairo Fatima Baba is worried about her soggy bottom.. Will her flatcakes ever get the seal of approval from Pharaoh Rosher? Will Assam Aggie and her tea thief friends ever stop taking a tea break? And will Ali Baba defeat the evil Cassim and reach his lair in time to rescue the beautiful Morgiana?

Cinderella [Version 11]

Sly Chancellor Chetwyn Chugmuffin and his hapless henchmen make life difficult for the people of Ambrosia. Cinderella’s stepsisters have made her life one of drudgery but her Fairy Godmother comes to the rescue and helps her meet and marry Prince Charming. Will the King of Ambrosia ever marry his son Prince Charming off? How will Cinderella get to the ball without a pumpkin coach?

Humpty Dumpty

The kingdom of Albuminia, ruled by King Shelvis, is a shook-up when Humpty is broken and wicked witch Salmonella's plot to take over the kingdom nears completion. Fortunately Dame Egwina Snifffy-Yolk and her cohorts, ably assisted by Nutz the horse and a little magic from Fairy Soufle, are able to thwart her evil plans.

Jack and Jill The Pantomime

Jack and Jill the Pantomime isn't just the story of a boy and girl who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. As befits a magical story there is a crystal fountain and a golden pail. It has a good Fairy and an evil Fairy plus the wonderfully eccentric and dotty Brown Owl and Akela. Throw into this mix nurse Norma Snickers the dame, and her beau Walter Butt and you have all the ingredients for a traditional fun-filled family pantomime by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett.

Merlin - The Pantomime

Madcap wizard Merlin and his apprentice Harry are the magicians in this magical Arthurian-style romp. Can Merlin and Harry thwart evil Ravenclaw's plans to kidnap King Arthur's daughter, Princess Avaline? Will Dame Henrietta Cupcake get a knight to remember? There's plenty of fun and comedy in this new traditional family pantomime.

Old King Cole [Version 2]

Thwarted by Aladdin (in another panto), the wizard Abanazar is after another magical object to give him power - and this time he steals Old King Cole's crown. An unlikely party sets out to retrieve the crown, featuring Candy Floss, the sweet shop owner, Rhubarb Fool, the Jester, Hey, Diddle and Dee (the famous fiddlers three) and led by Jack, Candy's son, who wants to be a hero and win the traditional hero's reward of half a kingdom and the Princess's hand in marriage. Princess Rose is all in favour of this, but there's a snag - she's already betrothed to a prince from the neighbouring kingdom...

Robin Hood

When Robin Hood returns to Nottingham after a stint in the crusades, he meets the Sheriff's ward, Maid Marion and falls in love, only to find out that the Sheriff himself has designs on er. Marion isn't the only thing the Sheriff desires, the whole of Sherwood Forest is under threat of his evil plans when Robin's outlaws discover plans for the forest to be chopped down for the Sheriff's new money-grabbing venture. Robin and his band of Merry Men with the aid of Holly Jockey-Sticks, the woodland Fairy, Nellie Scarlet (Marion's nanny) and her son Wally set out to thwart the evil Sheriff once and for all to ensure good will always win over evil.

Sheer Luck Holmes

Pantomime with a capital P! All of the familiar panto ingredients and characters are here as the goodies all join together to solve the mysterious case of the missing art works. Holmes is assisted by his housekeeper Dottie the dame, the frustrated inventor of fantastical gadgets, and Baskerville the pantomime dog, in his quest to thwart baddies Mary Arty and Hudson the butcher whose sausages are not all they seem. The story moves at pace to the happy ending with quickfire repartee, reminiscent of Abbot and Costello coupled with lots of action, audience participation, song and dance, a love story and lashings of corny jokes.

Sleeping Beauty [Version 6]

Poison Ivy, the evil fairy casts a spell on Princess Rose because she did not receive an invitation to the christening. Will our hero Prince Rupert be able to save the girl of his dreams? Will man-mad Marigold Glove find love? The three good fairies are all played by men...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Version 4]

When the evil Queen is told by her magic mirror that her beautiful step-daughter Snow White is the fairest in the land, she plots to kill her. Will Snow White be saved from Harry the huntsman's knife? And what is Harry the huntsman's secret? Join Snow White's best friend Bertie, Old Ma Bumble and the seven Dwarfs as they try to thwart the Queen at every turn. Throw into this mixture, Botchit and Leggit, two hapless builders, and you have a traditional family pantomime full of slapstick comedy and mayhem based on one of the best loved fairy stories of all time.

Treasure Island [Version 3]

Pirate captain - Long Joan Silver, is assisted by idiots Fore and Aft and an ever-growing parrot, in her dastardly attempts to wrest the treasure from our heroes. Dame Molly helps Jim Hawkins and the Squire in their battles with pirate Joan, and are ably assisted by Coral, the fairy of the Isle of Fright. In this fast-moving panto the baddies are thwarted and everyone lives happily ever after.