Full length Pantomines

Babes in the Wood [Version 5]

The evil Sheriff of Nottingham wants money and lots of it. He employs two new tax inspectors, Stuff and Nonsense to help double his income. When the Babes, Teddy and Tilly, arrive he is determined to kill them and keep their inheritance. Robin Hood and his Merry Men come to the rescue to thwart his nasty plans.


Cinderessex is at the beck and call of her step sisters Dolce and Gabanna and wicked stepmother Chardonnay. Buttonit is Cinderessex's best friend and looks out for her, along with her dotty godmother Fairy Nuff. When international celebrity footballer and well-liked Essex boy Jack Charming announces the opening of his nightclub, The Glass Slipper, the gloves are off as Essex women clamour to be his date.

Dick Whittington [Version 7]

The classic story of Boy meets Cat, meets girl, meets rats and becomes Lord Mayor, told in a panto style. This version stars the incomparable Frankie Binatra and his Rat Pack as the villains.

Jack's Amazing Beanstalk Rocket

'Jack's Amazing Beanstalk Rocket' has a modern sci-fi twist to the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk tale. When kind-hearted Jack Bunn sells the family cow, little does he realise the adventure that lies ahead. Good fairy Lunette watches over the Bunn family as they boldly go where no beanstalk has gone before and battle with intergalactic forces of evil.

Jungle Book - The Pantomime

Mowgli the man cub has escaped the clutches of the ferocious tiger, Shere Khan, who is intent on revenge. Adopted by wolves Mowgli is taught the ways of the jungle by Baloo the Bear and his friend Bagheera. Sticking fairly faithfully to the original storyline, with the introduction of pantomime characters as Jane (the dame) and two mischief makers (Chitter and Chatter), the variety of songs ensure a well-rounded show suitable for all the family.

ROBINSON CRUSOE: Pirates and the Caribbean Queen

There are plenty of swashbuckling hijinks on the high seas as Clementine Crusoe setssail to find her treasure-seeking son, Robinson. Squire Rich, unaware that Captain Kipper and his crew are really pirates, is more interested in finding the treasure. With Davy Jones intent on scuppering the lot of them, the Unsinkable III finally runs aground on a Caribbean island. Their troubles are not over yet though, as Queen Creole's daughter has been kidnapped by the evil witch, Wicklow. Throw a monster rat and evil Jumbie spirits into the mix and their Caribbean adventure is one to remember.