One-Act Plays

A Cut Above The Rest

The over fifties club panto group in Wowham-In-The-Stalls are meeting to discuss their next pantomime. Dominant organiser Jack, who writes directs and constantly rubs the others up the wrong way, has decided on swingeing budget cuts, much to the consternation of well-established divas in the group. Jack has also decided that younger people should be allowed to take part, further upsetting the status quo. The Vicar's attempts to calm troubled waters are increasingly ineffective as turmoil reigns in this one act comedy.

A Matter Of Health and Safety [One Act Version]

Tom is determined that the annual village fete will go off without a Health and Safety disaster, and he's prepared to send away the qualified First Aider to make sure she doesn't cause trouble. But first he needs her ministrations, and then there's the ruckus with the Jack Russell... Be careful with this one!

A Matter of Taste

Sheila and Natalie meet for coffee to sort out Sheila's complicated love life. Sheila's work colleague Karen joins them, and gives Sheila some food for thought. The waitress has a new boyfriend who just happens to be the chef. The four women discuss what they want in a relationship. But will Sheila find the right man?

Acting, It’s Not Plumbing…

Jill is running a drama workshop in the community centre, but is it really just for the benefit of those taking part? Whatever her motivation, Paul, Amy, Chelsea, Bob, Sandra and Fay are having a whale of a time.

And The Bride Wore...

A young bride-to-be has an appointment at the shop to look at wedding dresses. Whilst this should be a special moment in her life, arguments and family jealousies surface much to the dismay of the shop owner. For some of the older women it is a time to reminisce about their own wedding day, providing touching moments amongst the comedy. An all female cast of characters play out the conflicts and tensions between the bride and groom's mismatched families as they try to reach agreement on what bride Tayla, and her bridesmaids, are to wear.

For My Final Act

The Accolades is a retirement home for stars of stage and screen, but just because they're in a retirement home, doesn't mean they're out of the spotlight. Rene and Judy are competing for the headline in their joint Edinburgh festival show, but they don’t know all the details yet.

Free For Hall

The local amateur dramatic group are rehearsing their pantomime in the local village hall but the venue has been triple booked and no-one is prepared to budge. With Celeste getting her yoga knickers in a twist and conflict running high amongst the drama group members the chaos is eventually resolved.

Just Breathe In, Dear

As well as treading the boards in every show, Joyce is the wardrobe mistress for an amateur dramatic society. Deidre has piled on the pounds since the last pantomime, so her fairy costume won't zip up. Joyce's mood pre-show week swings from despair to rage and poor Deidre feels the full force of her wrath. Marjorie has been putting her DIY skills to good use. Julian has problems of his own. Ann has no sympathy for any of them.

Look After The Cat, Darling

Jonty returns home from an activity weekend with his sister and brother-in-law to find that his partner has left him. He finally finds solace with another cat lover.

Look For The Silver Lining

George hates change and is not happy that his mother-in-law, Nora, is coming to stay. How will he react to her news?

Memory Lane

Walter Curtis has died and requested that his widow, Rosemary, scatter his ashes in the Welsh valleys where he was evacuated during the Second World War. We follow the emotional journey to Denbighshire in Wales made by his widow Rosemary, his daughter Mary, and sisters Vi and Doris. This is also a trip down memory lane for Doris and Vi, who were evacuated to Wales with Walter in 1941. They are looking forward to spending time with Gladys with whom they were billeted - Rosemary however is not entirely happy with Walter's request or his bequest...

Trapped In The Web

Four characters whose common denominator is their addiction to their computers and the Internet - though they have very different reasons for their habit. Ultimately it is a play about individuals caught up in their own world - at times a world far removed from reality. With touching and at the same time comic stories to tell, ex rugby player Tom, reality TV forum fan Pam, E-Bay addict Susie, and dating site enthusiast Brenda keep us engrossed in their individual experiences on the web.

Wild At Art

It's time for an art taster session at the Prudence Wild Community Centre, and the 'Wild bunch' welcome a new member. They all do their best to make Doris feel welcome as they reawaken their interest in art.

Working It Out

A witty look at the lives and loves of twin sisters Andrea and Jane. They work out their weight problems at the gym, much to the embarrassment of Jane's daughter Emma who works there, and then work out their relationship problems at the pub with a post gym drink or two. Joined by husband Tommy, who Jane is convinced is having an affair, recently divorced younger sister Nikki with her supportive friend Cally and just jilted Emma, the family work out and work through their individual difficulties together.

You Can't Take It With You

Expecting a windfall bequest after their 'beloved' Uncle Fred's death, avaricious sisters Carol and Pauline descend on his house to claim the spoils. Their hopes are dashed when they discover that someone has beaten them to it and the house is empty. The will reading increases their frustration as their bequests fail to meet expectations.

You'll Suit Just Fine [One-Act Version]

Mr Green is working in his small, family-run menswear shop and training up his new employee, Kevin. Although Kevin has a good eye for fashion he has a lot to learn about social etiquette. How will Kevin deal with a disgruntled customer?