Sketches, Monologues or Very Short Plays

10 Abbey Court

Local estate agent (*) Jason is showing prospective client Abigail around a property that has just been put on the market. Her shocking reason for being so keen to view this particular property only becomes clear as the curtain closes. * Written in British English. In American, Jason would be a realtor.

A Bit Of A Turn

Maureen and her Aunt Vera are discussing Brenda's accident.

A Bit Off Colour

Deidre mulls over the changes her husband Graham has made since hi retirement. She is surprised by the changes to his lifestyle and wonders what to do. A COMEDY MONOLOGUE FEMALE (playing age 60 plus) Although written to be acted with a Yorkshire dialect, the text can be modified to suit other regional dialects AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts Ltd.

A Desirable Location

Can James the estate agent find the right house for Ruth?


Wheeler-dealer Terry has mistakenly bought five thousand plastic ducks and won't be able to sell them or get his money back. While explaining the situation to his family, he hatches a cunning plan.

A Matter of Health and Safety [Short Version]

Officious Village fete organiser Tom discusses health and safety issues with his assistant Nigel but becomes increasingly concerned for his own health and safety.

A One Hearse Town

An Irish village is bereft of a spiritual centre since the Priest departed with a lady named Bridget. Luckily, the Pub now stands in the church's stead, offering solace, groceries, community and, of course, whiskey.

A Panto Fairy's Lament

A member of a drama group is unable to perfrom in the annual pantomime. She explains how much she misses playin the panto fairy. A rhyming monologue for women AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

A Right Old Scream

Judith and Mavis are on a day out. They have an unexpected cultural experience whilst sheltering from the rain, when an art gallery gives them something to Munch on...

A Square Peg In A Round Hole

Peggy has to go into a care home and reflects on the changes to her life.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Mary is feeding the birds in the park and bemoaning the council's latest ruling, whilst contemplating her arthritic hip.

About Sylvia

Busy mum and housewife Sylvia is sitting in her kitchen reflecting on her life. She wants to 'find her voice' and decides to take up a rather exotic new hobby.

Accidents Will Happen

Jim goes to visit his friend Andy in hospital. The Doctor's bedside manner (or lack of it) rankles with Andy, who in turn tries the doctor's patience.

An Apple a Day

Serial dieter Laura is on yet another diet but is struggling to maintain her willpower. Will her sister Nikki be able to get her back on track?

And Now For My Next Trick

The Great Marvelloso, an ageing and incompetent magician, is training a rather star-struck and talkative young woman to be his assistant. Taciturn and pessimistic by nature, his patience is pushed to the very limits.

Around The Fridge In Eighty Calories

Kate contemplates changes to her weekly shopping list since starting her latest slimming group.

At Your Leisure

Carolyn has been trying to get her couch potato husband, John, to get fit, but without much success. When John reads a newspaper article about fitness holidays, Carolyn thinks she will get the action holiday she has always wanted, however John has a different perspective.

Best Foot Forward, Darling

Terence, the highly strung choreographer watches and grumbles as dancers Monica and Jasper perform his creation. His mood swings from rage to praise and poor Monica feels the full force of his wrath.

Brian's Day Out in the Snow

Brian goes out in the snow to meet Steven. (All we'll say about that is that there is some misdirection involved.)

Bring Me Sunshine

George and Kate are taking a walk along Morecambe promenade to re-live old memories. George is shocked at what he sees, but the down-to-earth locals convince him that history won’t repeat itself.

Childs Play

Chardonnay and her friend Jade are sitting on a park bench watching Chardonnay's son Tyson as he plays. Jade tries to extol the benefits of healthy living and the great outdoors.

Dear Diet Diary

A woman who has been struggling with her weight addresses the issue of dieting through a monologue directed at her diary.

Don't Get Me Started...

Marilyn, a middle-aged domestic goddess, has an expensive lifestyle to maintain.

Everything Stops for Tea

It is the day of the village fete, and Joyce Bernard, stalwart of the WI manages to keep her composure when the organiser casts a critical eye on her tea tent.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Hayfever sufferer Rose has been advised to relieve her work stress by sitting and smelling the roses. Her visit to the park does little to relieve her stress until she meets gardener Brad and romance blooms.

Fairy Dust Up

Olivia is in the dressing room of a small theatre contemplating her future as a panto fairy.

Flavour Of The Month

Dave and George are spending a night out at the local pub. George is seeking advice from Dave about his wife’s latest dieting fad.


George is a great believer in mend and make do. His wife likes shopping and a recent purchase from the garden centre turns out to be a talking point for the neighbours. Will George exchange the item or see the benefits it can bring? AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

Grandma at the Village Fete

A humourous monologue about the excitement at this year's village fete, with Grandma's fortune telling, the exploits of Camp Claude and a host of other village characters.

Grandma's Day Out

The story of Grandma's eventful day out with the Over-Seventies' Club.

Hold The Front Page

Ruth takes over as editor of a small town newspaper. She takes two reporters to task for writing underwhelming news stories and sensational headlines. Ruth soon realises that the staff have unorthodox methods of reporting the news. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts Ltd

I 'Aven't The Foggiest

Yorkshirewoman, Brenda, recounts a walking trip to the fells as she is on her way to visit somebody. This comedy monolgue is written to be spoken with a Yorkshire dialect, however, with tweaking, can be adapted to suit other dialects.

I'm Not One To Gossip But...

Brenda has met up with her old friend Sharon for lunch and a friendly gossip at Phillip's café. Through the gossip, a few skeletons in Phillip's cupboard are revealed.

If The Shoe Fits

Vicky and Sam are both trained dancers and actresses, auditioning for the part of Cinderella in a production called 'Cinderella Ballerina'. When they meet each other inside the audition room they begin to have doubts. Will they get the part they have always coveted? Will they actually want the part - once the director has revealed his ideas?

Isn't It Odd

Margaret is sitting in her kitchen reflecting on the past and the antics of her neighbours - not that she's nosey...!

It's A Funny Old Game

Dave and George spending a night out at the local pub watching a televised football match. They get philosophical after the final whistle.


JUST THE JOB is a collection of themed comedy sketches, based on occupations ranging from a wannabe pirate to a couple of waiters. There are ten sketches, with a total of 28 parts, This would suit a society looking to stage a live theatre revue evening or a Zoom production. Music could be added to extend the sketch show. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

Lay Your Cards on the Table

Wheelchair-bound former rugby player Tom has been surfing the web to keep himself occupied since his accident and has developed an interesting income stream.

Long Live Pantomime

A brief introduction to the traditions of British pantomime.


Brenda is a volunteer guide at a stately home and whiles away the hours by spicing up the back history of the house and its ancestors. When a group of American visit, Brenda embellishes the history of the stately home. Suitable for revue evenings and Zoom performances. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

Moving Day

Recently divorced Caroline is leaving the home she loves. She reflects on how her life has turned out and has mixed feelings about the move. A moving day for her in more ways than one.

One Breakdown Too Many

Hannah, and her tipsy friend Mary, have broken down on their journey home. Unfortunately for the man on the other end of the phone line, Mary is determined to help her friend make the call to the breakdown service.

Out For A Duck

Best friends Joe and Steve meet up to watch sport and have a few pints. Joe has discovered an aptitude for cooking and there follows comical banter as they discuss duck sauce and other foodstuffs. IDEAL FOR REVUE EVENINGS AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD


Comedy sketch for a cast of two in a single simple set. Synopsis Brendan arrives at Belfast airport on a visit to his mother. However, before he can see her, he has to go through customs. All is not as straightforward as he expected.

Reburying King Richard the Third

Dave and George are standing at the roadside watching the procession of King Richard The Third's remains, as it makes its way through the streets of Leicester. They chew over some history, enjoy commenting on the merits of a good send-off, and the spectacle of this occasion.

Sardines Again?

Mick's wife Christine is on yet another diet and, whilst sympathetic to her diets in the past, he has now been told by his doctor to reduce his cholesterol. Christine seems obsessed with their diet and when Mick is told he's got sardines again, he puts his foot down.

Sherbet Lemons and Bon Bons

Pat and her daughter Janet are buying sweets in an old fashioned sweet shop. Pat expects everything to be old fashioned and voices her opinions.

Stop Shouting, George

Ruth is worried about what has happened to her husband George's fashion sense since his retirement.

Take A Hike

Sarah is fed up with everyday routine and wants to make a few changes to her life. Sarah's husband Richard thinks she is having a mid-life crisis and humours her ever-changing moods. When Sarah suggests an outdoor picnic, Richard is only too happy to oblige.

Taking An Interest

Older ladies Mary and Alice are in a long queue at the bank and they pass the time in idle conversation full of malapropisms, when young Ben joins the queue. The ladies' interest in Ben grows as they wait, until Mary comes to a startling and somewhat irritating realisation.

The Cautionary Tale of Humpty Dumpty

The bullying Humpty Dumpty meets his deserved end, as the narrator reveals how he - or she - pushed him off the wall and describes the subsequent rejoicing.

The Dieter's Lament

Amy has been dieting on and off for almost a year but has only lost a few pounds. As she attempts to eat yet another salad, she relates her difficulties.

The Gloves Are Off

A ten minute play. What looks like marital bliss to the outside world is a facade to the hidden world of domestic violence, one that Jack and Natalie live with every day.

The Ice Cream Man Cometh

After a long wet summer Luigi has been making the most of the sunshine, however not all the residents welcome him and tempers rise along with the temperature.

The Moon Was In Aquarius

Would-be writer Cheryl is trying to write something for a forthcoming spoken word open mic night but has a few writing blocks.

The Penguin Is Mightier Than The Swordfish

Clive and Barry are in a cab office waiting for a taxi, after spending a night out at the local pub watching a televised football match. Their football debate takes a different turn in the cab office.

Think Outside of the Boxing Ring

Bert is a man who sees the glass as half full. He recounts his change of career and how dyslexia is not a barrier. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

Think Outside of the Boxing Ring

Bert is a man who sees the glass as half full. He recounts his change of career and how dyslexia is not a barrier.

To Hell With The Housework

A rhyming monologue about a big old fight in the cleaning equipment cupboard.

Today's News, Tomorrow's...

Carol and Sheila are sitting on a bench eating chips. They are joined by their friend Rosemary who shows them an article in the local newspaper. The three friends discuss the news that yet another fish and chip shop will be opening, and try to think up a quirky name for the new business to win the competition. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts Ltd

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Anne is in her sixties and talking about how she coped with suddenly becoming single again. She's not letting a second man leaving her for another woman get her down, she's picking herself up and living life for herself.

What's in a Name?

Pam doesn't like her name and reflects on the various pseudonyms she has used over the years.

Wonder Wall

Dave and George are spending a night out at the local pub. George is bemoaning the fact that his new neighbour intends to build a wall between their properties.

Word Up

Pensioner Ruby is having trouble with her computer and calls a computer helpline. The problem is eventually discovered, but will Ruby like the solution?

You'll Suit Just Fine [Short Version]

Kevin is in training, but he's not quite up to speed yet. A difficult customer wants to return a suit so Mr Green, the owner, has to step in to save the day.