Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre

A Slice Of Elizabethan Life

This play portrays a slice of Elizabethan life and follows on from 'A Slice of Tudor Life' by the same author. They can be used separately or together to give an overview of the Tudor Dynasty. Narrators and various characters from Elizabeth's life, including the ghost of her father King Henry VIII, comment on her personality and events in her life until her death.

A Slice Of Tudor Life - A Tale Of Two Henrys

A brief overview of Henry VII and how the Tudor dynasty started is followed by the life, strife, and every wife of Henry VIII. Narrators and Rappers, along with various characters from his life, comment on his personality and events in his life - until his death in 1547. Five Rap songs, but they need no music, included with this script.

Jonah And The Giant Fish

A re-telling of Jonah and his reluctance to preach to the people of Ninevah. Or - The one that didn't get away!

Jungle Book - A Play For Schools

BEST SELLER Set in the Indian Jungle this play for schools combines poetic licence and plenty of humour and songs to retell Rudyard Kipling’s delightful Jungle Book story. A man-cub has escaped the clutches of Shere Khan, a ferocious tiger intent on revenge. Adopted by wolves Mowgli the man-cub is taught the ways of the jungle by Baloo the Bear and his friend Bagheera. Follow Mowgli on his adventures in the jungle as he gets to know the other animals, especially the hilarious Bandar Log monkeys. Will Mowgli and his birth mother, Messua, be reunited?

Once Upon A Nursery Crime - The Cautionary Tale of Red Riding-Hoodie

A cautionary rhyming tale of Red Riding-Hoodie and her nemesis, Biggbad Wolf. Biggbad is in court accused of threatening behaviour towards Red. He uses all his wolfly wiles to charm the jury and clear his name. But there’s more to this case than at first thought. A great script for schools and youth groups. The script contains useful production notes and suggestions for songs. Published by Smith Scripts. AWAITING PUBLICATION WITH Stagescripts LTD

The Cautionary Tale of Georgie Porgie

The familiar tale of Georgie Porgie, whose bullying ways lead him to a grave end, is brought to life in an innovative manner.

The Cautionary Tale of Mary Contrary

Once upon a nursery crime - Mary Contrary demonstrates selfish actions, contrary ways and uncaring attitude to the environment, which lead to her eventual demise.

What a Tangled Web We Weave

Once upon a nursery crime - the cautionary tale of Incey Wincey Spider who enjoyed scaring people, until the day the tables were turned... (The nursery rhyme character Incey Wincey Spider is, in the USA, called Itsy Bitsy Spider. The logic of this defeats the best minds.)